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What's In A Name?


1. in the direction that one is facing or traveling;

2. onward so as to make progress;

3. toward a successful conclusion.

Onward. Advancing. Progressing.

As a new week is starting and a new year is upon us, the word FORWARD may be uttered more frequently. As we know, there are many directions and paths we can take in this life, but FORWARD is the only direction that time moves. As much as we may love to go back in time in order to revisit simpler times, people that we have lost, or simply to have a “re-do” of a situation, we are forced to move onwards. My approach to therapy has always been future-focused and therefore helping people move FORWARD.

Fun fact: FORWARD is the state motto of Wisconsin. When deciding what to name my practice, it only made sense to have a word that means so much to me but could also be an ode to my Wisconsin roots and my father who passed in 2011.

Let me know how you are moving FORWARD in the coming weeks and year! ➡️ -Katrina

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