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Grow or Go

As time moves forward, you either grow or go. However, sometimes you can do both. With growth comes the sacrifice of time, energy, maybe money, career, and unfortunately, sometimes people.

Which leaves the question: Why is it that some people just cannot be happy for us? The answer is: as you grow or go, so do our relationships. This might mean some distance is created or that the relationships end altogether, and that is ok. Growth means that you have outgrown the past version of yourself and the relationships that past version had.

Your growth is going to upset and/or disappoint some people. Your growth is going to cause you to lose some people, but it is not your responsibility to provide them with emotional first aid. Your growth might awaken a lot of feelings and behaviors you have not seen before and because of that it is important to know what yours is to tend to and what is not. Understanding this will keep you from carrying burdens that were not yours to begin with. Your growth and healing will be ignited when it is the right time and when you are ready you it will be apparent.

Growth can shift a lot of things: perspective, relationships, and the load you carry. As you grow you notice things and people around you change and responding to your growth in a healthy or negative way. Your growth will spark something in others, and sometimes that spark will look like envy, anger, jealousy, etc. which also means something is happening on a deeper level for them and only they can do the work of uncovering what this is. Not you.

As you begin to grow, the thing to become the most obvious is how aware you will become of your relationships and their impact on your well-being. Your changes may trigger the people around you and the new boundaries you set might confuse them. But as you become more self-aware and start to make choices more in alignment with who you are becoming, you might become aware of the reality that many of your relationships are not in alignment for you anymore.

There is grief during growth.

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