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Being Mindful Of Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness is about effectively managing your feelings and learning how to express them in a healthy and productive way. Positive self-talk, stress management or reduction, and coping with difficult situations are all facets of improving overall emotional and physical well-being.

One way to manage intense feelings and cultivate self-awareness would be communicating your individual experiences more frequently (opening up to friends, seeking therapy, journaling, music, art, and any other kind of self-expression). Consider the way you talk to yourself or about yourself. What does it feel like or construe? Is it positive, respectful, and uplifting? Or is it critical, negative, and passive?

Everyday stressors may include relationship conflicts, financial stress, job pressures, health concerns, or taking on too many tasks (Hello Burnout!). In recovery, stressors like these can lead to urges, self-sabotaging, or impulsive decision making. What are some simple ways we can all cope with stress?

Laugh: Before you go flying off the handle, pause and try to find the humor in the situation. Remember that use of humor is acceptable so long as its not a form of minimizing or denial.

Breathe: Concentrate on breathing slowly and deeply. Imagery is helpful too!

Write: Research shows journaling eases stress and helps in processing through trauma. Keep in mind, your journal entries do not need to be eloquent or even grammatically correct! Just get it out of your head!

Relax: Deep breathing, walking, nature sounds, go outside, music, anything sensory helps! (Alcohol, Marijuana, and substances don’t count!)

Let go: A lot of stress, frustration, and resentment comes from the need to be in control or perfectionistic tendencies. Practice letting go of the need to be perfect and/or things you can’t control. For more on this topic - click this link to read my blog regarding Letting Go of Materialism (

So now, ask yourself the following:

What are some personal benefits you can gain from journaling, therapy, or group support?

Who or what has the ability to make you laugh?

What place helps you feel happy and peaceful? (don’t say sleep, pick something else!)

What is a healthy activity that always helps you relax? (If say sleep, I'll be upset!)

What is one stressor in your life that would be healthy for you to let go of?

You might be surprised how much calmer and safer you feel when you take care of your emotional well-being. I truly believe it's the birthplace of growth and healing in ALL life areas.

Using this as my imagery to avoid the reality of negative temps in South Dakota.


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